Internet-enable your existing appliances

Attach Clickr to anything and activate it from anywhere

Clickr's robotic arm can be activated via the web and can turn your existing appliances on or off with a simple push. All you need is wi-fi internet and Clickr will be ready to go out of the box.

Instead of using embedded smart systems and adding layers of complex technology, Clickr is the simple device that doesn't require replacement of your existing appliances. Anything from light switches, garage doors, air conditioners, computers and heaters to anything else you can think of.


Upgrade without the overhead

No wiring and no electricians required. Unbox, attach, click

Clickr needs no complex wiring, no lengthy setup and won't put a dent in your budget. Setup takes 5 minutes and enables your appliances with the power of the internet before you finish your cup of coffee.


Universal, multi-purpose, easy to setup

Clickr can internet-enable anything with a physical button or switch

Clickr can turn on your lights one day and turn off your heater the next. Clickr is intuitive, quick to setup and has thousands of potential uses.


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